How To Become A Limo Chauffeur

Becoming a limousine driver can be an exciting experience. Many questions linger in the minds of many who aspire to become chauffeurs. Is it not hard for a chauffeur to negotiate corners? How does one become a chauffeur? How long does one take to master the art of driving a limousine? Well, the following are steps of how to become a limousine chauffeur.

How to become a chauffeur

Acquire a Standard driver’s license

This is the usual driver’s license. It serves to show that one can drive a motor vehicle and has basic driving skills. Moreover, it is proof that one can proceed to train in driving vehicles of advanced motor vehicle classes.


Maintain a clean driver’s license

Driving a limousine requires that the chauffeur has a long time of experience with no records of accidents. Limousine companies that train drivers of their own can not hire a person with records of having been involved in an accident.

Register and complete a chauffeur training program

This training program normally takes from one to two weeks for completion. The training entails learning the driving laws and safety guideline viable in the state or country. Moreover, Companies in the limo business do a thorough training to drivers of customer service, a key working concept of any limo driver. One must create a good relationship with their customers and always be able to meet their expectations by executing their duties diligently.

Get a passenger endorsement commercial driver’s license (C.D.L)

The document is also known as a chauffeur’s license or the “hack” license. This is the license which when given the chauffeur uses during duty. The license application is usually available in the local drivers licensing authority. The document should be forwarded together with the processing fee as required. The vehicle insurance linked to the limo one intends to drive should also be submitted for review. All the documents must be updated for positive feedback.

Pass the written CDL exam

The CDL is not issued like a plate of fries in a cafeteria. One must earn it through passing the written exam. A road test is not a must if the partaker is a holder of a Standard driver’s license. However, the road test must be provided for learners with no regular driver’s license. In many countries, it is not advisable for one to undertake a chauffeur course without a regular driving license. If one desires to be a driver at the airport, a criminal background, drug testing and fingering must be done.


Familiarize with limos

After passing the test, one should learn about the limos: the features, troubleshooting problems, and failures which amenities customers prefer. Studying the different types of limos would be prudent. Be eager to learn.

Apply and get a job with a limousine company

After all, one can give the limo company manager a copy of a chauffeur’s permit. This automatically increases the chances of one being hired. When the job is given, ensure to enhance your skills to become a better driver.